British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are an ideal destination for first-time charterers and are so beloved by longtime cruisers that many return year after year. For starters the islands are close together-so close that you almost always cruising within eyesight of land. This makes going from island to island faster and easier than in other destinations, keeping open-water passages to a minimum while maximizing the time for fun at anchor. And it’s there, at anchor, where you’ll discover the other key reason that the BVI are so beloved. Their laid-back culture will have you in a trance of relaxation within a day of stepping aboard your charter.
There is no shortage of destinations to explore within the British Virgin Islands. Virgin Gorda is the home of the Bitter End Club, where your charter yachts tender can take you ashore to enjoy the club’s beaches, restaurants and water sports. On Jost Van Dyke, you can grab a rum punch at Foxy’s bar, which regularly hosts reggae singers. Another classic BVI destination is Pusser’s at Soper’s Hole on Tortola. Ask for Pusser’s Painkiller, and you will feel any remaining stress from “real life” vanish sip by sip.

If you are interested in a day or two longer -range cruising then your charter yacht can set course for Anegada, the farthest outlying island in the BVI chain. Anegada is ringed by coral reefs that make ideal snorkeling and scuba diving sites.
For many years, the BVI have been home to a fleet of top notch sailing catamarans. These yachts are ideal for families thanks to their spaciousness and stability, and they can be outstanding options for entry level charter pricing. Recent years have seen an influx of larger yachts visiting places like Oil Nut Bay, a luxury resort and marina. No matter what style of charter yacht interests you, it is likely available in the British Virgin islands.